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Florist Resources: Florists’ survival guide for Valentine’s Day

Posted: 17th January 2018

Florists all agree that Valentine's Day is, indisputably, the busiest day of the year. Millions of loved-up couples take the 14th of February as… Read more

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Greaseproof paper vs. baking parchment & other food-wrapping materials

Posted: 22nd December 2017

Greaseproof paper, or wax paper as it’s called in the US, is coated in a thin layer of wax on both sides. This makes it totally ineffective for baking on, for example, as... Read more

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Florist resources: How to wrap flower bouquets

Posted: 15th November 2017

The magic of flowers Flowers mark special occasions – whether it be a birthday, wedding, or mothers’ day, if there is something to be… Read more

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Retailer resources: Preparing your retail shop for Christmas

Posted: 23rd October 2017

When it comes to Christmas, shoppers pull out all the proverbial stops to buy presents for their friends and family. If you’re in retail,… Read more

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Retailer Resources: Paper cutters for gift wrapping

Posted: 26th September 2017

Retailer Resources: Paper cutters for Gift wrapping Gift wrapping made easy As we progress towards the busy Christmas period many retailers offer a gift… Read more

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Teacher supplies: Paper cutters for classroom decoration

Posted: 30th August 2017

Bringing bulletin boards and classroom decorations to life At this time of year, you might already have an idea about your classroom decorations. If… Read more

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