Ann President

Shortly after completing the purchase of Bulman Products in 2012 Ann laid out her vision for the company and continues to move it forward.  This vision required the company to develop an infrastructure capable of handling their growth and expansion in the global market.  These improvements are being accomplished whilst maintaining the high quality standards and excellent customer service that have led Bulman Products to dominate the domestic market for decades.


Nils Plant Manager

Nils has put in place procedures and processes that make Bulman Products run at top efficiency whilst maintaining excellent quality and high employee morale.  In addition to his regular duties, Nils has taken on the responsibilities associated with purchasing.  He handles his duties of plant management and purchasing with pride and the results can be seen in the quality products that are made each day at Bulman Products.


Cary Controller

Cary is currently working in the position of Controller with responsibilities for accounting, human resources, and information technology.  The implementation of Bulman’s new manufacturing software, E2 Shoptech, was a major undertaking and Cary played a key role in getting the project handled whilst encouraging other team members.  Her ability to multi-task and remain very organised is the key to her success.


Marilyn Assistant to the President

Marilyn’s job title cannot fully encompass the depth of knowledge and abilities that she brings to the table.  Her organisational skills and attention to detail are second to none and she quickly addresses any issues that may arise.  Her responsibilities include the areas of marketing, accounts payable, executive assistance, and data collection, storage and analysis.


Dini Production Supervisor

Dini began as a Material Handler and proceeded to work his way up to more responsibility whilst gaining experience in assembly, shipping, and maintenance/die repair.  After being promoted to Production Supervisor, Dini utilised his natural ability to lead, focusing on training employees and developing a formal quality program.


Melissa Customer service

An abundance of patience and a cheerful demeanour make Melissa a natural at customer service.  She is willing to help answer questions and knows the right ones to ask to ensure our customers and ultimately, the end user, get the product that is best suited to their needs.  Melissa enjoys her job and it shows with the enthusiasm in which she performs it every day.


Doreen Account Receivable Clerk

Prior to her employment at Bulman Products Doreen worked in the credit department for a large retail store and also was employed as a bank teller.  Doreen took that experience and applied it to the processes she established to make Bulman’s accounts receivable an area where accounts are closely monitored ensuring timely payments and the collection of past due accounts. 


Marc Plant Engineer

The list of engineering accomplishments that Marc has been responsible for include but are not limited to manufacturing the Autosheeter and obtaining a patent on the M100 cutting mechanism, replacing the process water cooling tank with a closed loop chiller, and most recently redesigning our Razor X cutting system to a deluxe model with enhanced cutting capabilities.

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