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Easter for Retailers: 5 Tips to Prepare your Shop

Posted: 10th March 2019

The Easter season is approaching! From equipping the gift-wrapping service to Easter offers and decorations. We show you 5 tips to start well prepared into the Easter business. Read more

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Industrial Packaging: Tips for a sustainable packaging

Posted: 6th February 2019

Sustainable packaging is becoming an important topic in the packaging industry. See our tips and tools around sustainable packaging to create an efficient but environmentally friendly packaging process. Read more

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Florist Resources: Getting ready for Valentine’s Day

Posted: 9th January 2019

Valentine’s Day is an essential day for each florist business. From flower bouquets, over wrapping paper and paper cutters to decorative ideas: we have the ultimate step-by-step guide for your ideal shop preparation! Read more

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Food Services: Manage your business efficiently!

Posted: 7th December 2018

Managing a business in the food industry efficiently can be a stressful task! Bulman’s experts came together to provide you the ideal tips and tools to manage your business in a simple but efficient way. Read more

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Florist Resources: Christmas offers for your customers

Posted: 30th October 2018

Christmas time is one of the most important moments of the year for florists! Bulman put together a couple of our top tips, inspirations and tools to help all our florist community make it a jolly festive season. Read more

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Retailer Resources: Getting ready for Christmas

Posted: 1st October 2018

The Christmas time is getting closer! Bulman provides you the right tips and tools to get through the season in a stress-free and easy way! Read more

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Teacher Supplies: The ultimate Lesson Organization Guide

Posted: 24th September 2018

Organizing lessons for the school year can be a tricky task. But no worries, Bulman gives you the ideal guide with creative and inspiring ideas, tips and tools for your lesson organization! Read more

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Florist Resources: Creating Flower Decorations for your Customers

Posted: 7th August 2018

The summer offers a lot of possibilities for the floral home decoration. Bulman provides your flower shop tips, tools and inspirations for floral home decoration offers. Read more

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Posted: 25th July 2018

The barbecue season is a major time for every food deli or butcher shop. Bulman has the right trends, tips and tools to help you prepare for this year’s summer BBQ season! Read more

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Teacher Supplies: Tips for paper work in art classes

Posted: 15th June 2018

With paper art a wide range of artwork is possible. Read Bulman's tips, inspirations and tools to help you organise your art classes. Read more

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Creating the perfect wedding bouquet

Posted: 8th May 2018

The wedding season has started! From floral decoration to wedding bouquets and corsages, everything needs to fit for the big day. Bulman Products introduces tools, ideas and inspirations for florists to create wedding bouquets individually and stress-free. Read more

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Retailer resources: gift wrapping tips to boost your business

Posted: 13th April 2018

Gift wrapping is an inexpensive way to catch your customer’s attention. It is a simple add-on to your service, delights your customers and builds loyalty for your shop. Read more

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Top tips: How to open a butcher shop

Posted: 9th March 2018

Opening a butcher shop, with the right planning and attention to details, can put a nostalgic icon to your brand and serve your customers with a sustainable and reliable source of daily protein. Here are the top tips for you! Read more

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Florist Resources: Florists’ survival guide for Valentine’s Day

Posted: 17th January 2018

Florists all agree that Valentine's Day is, indisputably, the busiest day of the year. Millions of loved-up couples take the 14th of February as… Read more

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Greaseproof paper vs. baking parchment & other food-wrapping materials

Posted: 22nd December 2017

Greaseproof paper, or wax paper as it’s called in the US, is coated in a thin layer of wax on both sides. This makes it totally ineffective for baking on, for example, as... Read more

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Florist resources: How to wrap flower bouquets

Posted: 15th November 2017

Wrapping a flower bouquet with care and creativity allows it to immediately stand out - it demonstrates the skill of a florist, and can make each bouquet unique. Let's start by looking at how best to choose your flower bouquet wrapping materials, and scroll to the bottom to see our expert tips! Read more

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Retailer resources: Preparing your retail shop for Christmas

Posted: 23rd October 2017

When it comes to Christmas, shoppers pull out all the proverbial stops to buy presents for their friends and family. If you’re in retail,… Read more

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Retailer Resources: Paper cutters for gift wrapping

Posted: 26th September 2017

Retailer Resources: Paper cutters for Gift wrapping Gift wrapping made easy As we progress towards the busy Christmas period many retailers offer a gift… Read more

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Teacher supplies: Paper cutters for classroom decoration

Posted: 30th August 2017

At this time of year, you might be elbow-deep in classroom decoration ideas. If not, don’t despair, there are plenty resources and fantastic materials out there! Read more

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