You can order our paper cutters and other cutting systems online in our e-shop at www.bulmandirect.com. We ship to 48 countries, including the United Kingdom and Ireland. If the product you are looking for is not available or you would like to make a bulk order, please contact us by submitting a form here and we will assist with your order directly.

We do not sell mounting hardware because of the vast array of materials that are used in wall construction and counter top construction. We believe it is safest for you to contact a hardware store or distributor of fasteners to get an expert opinion on what type and strength of wall or counter mount fastener you will need. Be prepared to provide them with the overall dispenser dimensions and the weight of your rolled material.

A serrated blade is commonly used on saws, some knives or scissors. It is also known as a dentated, sawtooth, or toothed blade.  Cuts made with a serrated blade are typically less smooth and precise than cuts made with a smooth blade.  Our serrated blades are “sharp to the touch” blades as opposed to our regular blades which are not.

No we do not offer free freight to any customers.  “Free freight” or “free shipping” charges are generally covered in the price of the product.  Because we sell such a range in quantity, some distributors buy one cutter and some buy one hundred, we feel it is only fair to keep the freight charges separate because the freight cost per item diminishes as it is spread out over a larger quantity.

Our units are not adjustable for the paper width but we do offer hub adaptors and metal dowels which make it possible to place a smaller width roll on a unit made for larger width material.

Hub adaptors are used to secure a smaller width roll of material on a larger width dispenser.  The hub adaptors keep the roll of material centred on the dowel for even weight distribution.  Hub adaptors can only be used with a metal dowel, be sure to add core plugs as well if they were not included with your roll of material.

Core plugs are placed in the end of a 7.5cm core of material so the 2cm dowel will work with our dispensers.

Our serrated blades will cut wax paper, kraft with wax coating, freezer paper, and many other materials including poly tubing up to 6mm thick.  For thicker poly tubing we recommend our Razor X, Deluxe Razor X or Rotary Shear Cutters.

The trim master is great for leaving a smooth cut on mylar, film, tissue and glassine (with plastic in it).  It is also a nice, inexpensive option if you want a smooth cut rather than the rough cut that is produced with a regular or serrated blade.

Width of rollNo, we do not sell paper but it is fairly easy to locate a distributor on the internet with a basic search or we would be happy to refer you to one of our distributors.

All of our dispensers are sized according to the width of your material so you need to know what that is so you can order the appropriate size dispenser.  Here is a photo illustrating what we mean by width of your material.

Diameter of the rollWe need to know the diameter of the roll (and not the length of the roll) because our units are designed to fit up to a certain diameter and we want to make sure you are getting a dispenser that will work with your material. The reason that the length of the material does not matter is that a 300m roll of kraft paper has a much smaller diameter than a 300m roll of bubble wrap due to the thickness of the material. Here is a photo showing how to measure the diameter.

Width, Length and Depth of assembled dimensions are rounded up from the original size in inches to the nearest 0.5cm. Material sizes are converted from the original sizes in inches at a conversion rate of 1inch = 2.5cm


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